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This town has witnessed a quick improvement it was an industrial town in the road E5 and E6 in the European side in the high way which linked each part of Istanbul. It includes many labs, most of the industries which were included in that town changed to be high class resident buildings and many shopping centers, It also includes about 15 hotels.


This town is nominated to be the most modern high class town in Istanbul. It was also an industrial area and then developed and changed to become a resident town. The infrastructure of this town has been developed and the old buildings have been repaired with modern perfect ones.


Beylikduzu-turkey-real-estateIn 1999 Beylikduzu specialized for the cooperatives, and after the entering of the private projects it has quickly developed and many projects have been established in it, Beylikduzu is situated in the western side of Avcilar neighborhood and in the eastern side of Kutcukcekmece lake. This location is among the most attractive and currently best real estate investments in Turkey. It includes many modern buildings as well as shopping malls, hospitals, schools, universities, and the residents of this city don’t need to go out of the city for any reason, because the city itself provides all the services those they need.

Recently Beylikduzu started to attract many people inside and outside Istanbul because of its modern lifestyle, in addition, the Metro bus project which extended to the Asian side in this city which gives to the city the highest rank of comfort and class living. The city of Beylikduzu is professionally arranged and attracted many people from the middle and high classes with doctors, teachers, lawyers…etc.


It is a suburb overlooking the seaside and from the other side it is overlooking the highway, some say that it looks like the Levant neighborhood, it includes many buildings which proper the families and many companies for the investments.

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